Taboo Phone Sex

By , July 14, 2016


With this week being my birthday week, I am looking for someone to call me up for a really disturbing taboo phone sex call. We aren’t talking about your meek and mild calls. I am looking for a real twisted type of call. I want to role play out a landlord tenant type of situation. We all know single moms struggle. You are coming over to evict me from my run down apartment that I share with my little one. But I have another thing in mind when I hear you banging on the door.

I tell my little girl to go get dressed and she knows exactly what to put on. I invite you in and ask you to take a seat so that we may discuss any arrangements that I can possibly make. You are pretty adamant that there is no arrangement that can be made, as I am so far behind in my rent payments. When you hear the click clack of heels behind you. Its my sweet preteen daughter. She is dressed in black stockings, with a super small black bra covering her almost non existent tits. A black garter belt and pantie set to cover that still bald little child cunt. She twirls and you just can’t help but stare at those stockings covered legs, with pumps to match. I look over at you, while you are so obviously intrigued with her. I stand up and guide my little girl over to you. Bending down, I whisper in your ear “Are you sure there isn’t anything we can do to catch up on this rent?” You are speechless as you watch my little girl lift her leg to straddle you. She grinds just a little bit on your hardening cock. Enough to tease you into taking your pants off. It doesn’t take you long before you’re unlatching your belt and tugging those pants and boxers down. Your cock springs forward and her underage hands immediately stretch out to grab a hold of it in this taboo phone sex fantasy. You can’t believe how big it looks in her little hands. She sticks out her tongue and just licks the tip of it. You can’t take your eyes off of her tongue, as she starts to swirl and play with your precum. I pull her up to her feet and, right in front of you, I strip her down to her stockings and heels. I bend her over my lap and reach around to grab each of her ass cheeks. I spread them a part just enough for you to get a peek of her pink cunt lips, tight and perfect.

You reach out and give her butt a little slap, watching it jiggle. “You know you want her sir, just give in!” And you do, sliding the tip up in between her pussy lips. You can feel yourself plunging in and stretching her little cunt. She looks back at you trying to be gentle and she just forces herself back. You didn’t know she was such a cum hungry whore like that. I look at you gripping her hips and driving your cock into her. “If you blow your cum in her, our rent is all paid up! Got it?” You shake your head yes as you feel your balls spill into her little kiddie cunt. My little girl pulls off of you, drops to her knees and cleans up your cock and balls. Watch her reach down and grab a handful of cum. You see her mouth open, and her tongue start to lap it all up. You can’t fucking believe how dirty this little girl is! Maybe you will give us free rent in exchange for kiddie fucking from now on! So what are you waiting for? Grab your hardening pedophile cock and dial me up for a kinky twisted taboo phone sex call!

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Incest Phone Sex

By , July 7, 2016


I love the way my cunt drips for incest phone sex. I often imagine my brother coming over and enjoying a nice night in with his sister and underage niece. Having dinner and dessert followed by a nice dip in our pool. Watching my daughter crawl all over her uncle in the most innocent way imaginable. But knowing what is going through his mind. My brother is a pervert and that is what I love most about him. In this fantasy he is an extreme pedo that can’t wait to prey on little girls. That is why after our pool party, I am going to offer her to him.

I wave my hand for them to come inside and get dry. My daughter and I go to her room, but I tell my brother he can join us. He sits in the corner chair and reaches into his shorts to find his hardening wet cock. He watches as I remove my daughters’ bikini. First her top, letting it drop to the floor. Showing her flat little chest with her nipples starting to get hard.  I lick my lips at the thought of sliding my tongue across those little nipples. I look over and give my brother a glance. He is furiously pumping away at his cock inside of his shorts. I lean my hands down to her waistband and I slip her bottoms off of her. There she stands, fully naked and ready to be consumed. I tell my little girl to go over and help her uncle get naked. She does just as she is told, walking over with her bald little child cunt on full display. She pulls her uncle up to his feet, pulls his pants down and then drops to her knees. She looks back at her mommy for encouragement. I whisper to her “do as you please with uncle” so she takes her family fun incest phone sex fantasy to the next level. She grabs his cock with both hands and starts to pull the head of his cock into her mouth. Moans and whimpers fill the room as she sucks and salivates over his cock. Watching her little head bounce up and down. I watch my brother pull her off of him, which I can only imagine is because he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. She crawls her way back to her bed, lays on her back and spreads her legs. You can see her perfect little child cunny on display for her uncle. I walk over to him and tell him that she is all his to do whatever he pleases. So he walks over to her, pulls her legs around his shoulders and starts to lick away. I watch her hips buck and her pussy squirt all over her uncles face. I can’t help but reach down and lick every drop off of him.

My little girl tastes so good. I lay down beside my little girl and take her hand in mine. I slide her hand up inside of my cunt and she knew to pump in and out of me. It felt so amazing being fist fucked while I watched my brother line his cock up against her pussy. I watched him as he stretched her with his massive cock. Stretching her little kiddie cunt around his cock. He gripped her waist and started to pump in and out of her gently. The head of his cock pressing against her little cervix. I fist fucked myself with her hand harder and faster until I was close to squirting. I asked her did she want to taste mommy and she shook her head yes. So I hovered over her, while my brother fucked her, and jerked my clit furiously. I watched as all of my cum covered my little girls face. My juices squirted all over her. I am assuming that was too much for my brother to see because he begged me to let him cum inside of her. He pleaded with me to allow him to cream pie her little underage cunt, knowing he might get her pregnant. I told him yes and with that he pumped a final pump and blew all inside of her. Draining his balls in her little underage child cunt. He pulled out and put her legs up over her head. He wanted to make sure every drop of sperm finds her girl parts, to give her a baby. How bad do you want to be my brother? How bad do you want to fuck your little niece while your sister cheers you on from the sidelines? A deviant fantasy with Karlie is just around the corner. Grab your phone and your cock, dial me up and lets enjoy a incest phone sex call together!

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Perverted Phone Sex

By , June 30, 2016


I know how hard you jerk off to perverted phone sex. I don’t blame you, the idea of taking our deviant fantasy to the extreme makes me masturbate harder than ever before. I hope you are ready, because I am really going to push the envelope of dark and twisted. I want you to be my teen son, my very compliant teen son that brings home is teen girlfriend for his mommy to use and abuse. I want to be able to mutilate her beyond recognition. Do you think your stomach will allow you partake in such a demonized role play?

I hear the door open and see my son walking in, hand in hand, with his beautiful blonde girlfriend. She is a stunning blue eyed bombshell that thinks she is too good for you. She is simply using you for your families financial stature. She sleeps around on you, she humiliates you to all of your friends. You know that your mommy won’t allow her to continue her snobby and slutty ways. I reach my hands out to hold hers, pulling her in for a hug and she does just that. I feel her pulse quicken, I know she can sense my unpleasant feelings towards her. I grab her by the wrist and bring her to the kitchen. I put her in front of the chair and force her to sit. Before she can start to get mouthy with me, I tie a ball gag into her mouth. Watching her teen mouth stretch wider than it probably has before makes my cunt drip. I lean down and whisper in her ear “you are going to sit here and enjoy perverted phone sex, or I will kill you”. She looks up with her big, blue eyes and I can’t help but slap her across the face. I hate everything about this dumb whore. I walk out of the room and return with a bag full of goodies. Nipple clamps, a spike studded strap on, and a variety of torturous devices. I strap a rope against her neck and tie it to the back of the chair so that she can’t wiggle and I strip her nude. Come here son, you are going to watch and play with her as well. I instruct you to get naked. You bring your cock over and rub your precum all over her face. Yes son, humiliate her! I clamp both of her nipples and add weights to them. They start to tug and rip her nipples away slowly. Blood is starting to trickle down her body. I spread her legs and put a bar in between her legs. I grab a studded dildo and cram it right up her used teen cunt. Go ahead son, put your cock in her hand and force her to jerk you off while you reach down and fuck her with that dildo. I know that blood makes your cock ache. Lets un strap her and bend her over the table. I will tie her wrists down so that she can’t move. Okay son, take your rock hard cock and shove it into her bloody cunt.

I am going to take this rope and tighten it around her neck slowly. You feel her body jerk and jump underneath the weight of your body. Come on son, fuck this slut while I choke the life out of her. Have you ever wanted to fuck a corpse? Have you ever wanted to enjoy snuff phone sex with your mommy? Well now is the perfect time to do so! She is spread eagle, slowly dying with your cock still inside of her. Pump your cock into her slowly fading cunt. I am going to take her head in my hands and start to bash her face against the table. I want her completely unrecognizable to any one else. She stops moving and you feel her body temperature drop. You know she is dead, so do your worst! Pump your cum into her son. Cum inside of her dead cunt baby boy, I will even suck your cock clean afterwards. Come on, grab you phone and dial your deviant mommy Karlie up for your perverted phone sex call.

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Mommy Phone Sex

By , June 23, 2016


Guess what this deviant slut has up her sleeve for a mommy phone sex fantasy to role play out. You are home all alone while your slutty whore mommy is out partying and getting some nigger dick. That’s not a bad start is it? I bet your little cock is already standing at attention. Your curled up in mommy’s bed, smelling some of her extreme dirty panties when you hear me coming up the stairs. You try to hide but its too late. I open the door, looking mighty disheveled. I see you with your hands under the blanket and my dirty clothes basket has been rummaged through. I know exactly what you are up to.

I stumble over to the bed and pull away the covers only to find your pajama bottoms around your ankles and you are jerking on your little clit dick. You think this is all fun and games, stealing my dirty, cum filled panties. Sniffing them and licking them just to get a taste of what your mommy’s cunt tastes like. “You want to know what my cunt tastes like so bad, then get over here on the floor” I yell out as I grab you by your hand and yank you out of bed. I put you on your knees right in front of my musty, cream pied cunt. I pull up my skirt and yank down my thong. You see my pussy hair wet and matted with cum. “Stick out your tongue and get a taste loser.” As an obedient little slut you do exactly as you are told. You stick out your tongue and you start to lick and lavish my cunt juice up. But while your trying to stick your tongue up inside of mommy, you feel me bare down. All of a sudden a glob of fresh jizz hits you in the mouth. But you do as you are told because you know that this mommy phone sex incest role play can very easily turn into a domination call if you are not careful. Since you are being a good clean up bitch, I tell you to put your hand on your little clit dick and jerk it.

Doesn’t that feel good my little faggot? That mommy is allowing you to jerk it while you are cleaning me up. Oh damn, I have had so much to drink tonight I feel the urge to piss but can’t get your mouth off of me in time. So you feel the warm sensation of urine flood your face and mouth. It is almost like you are drowning in my juices. I yell out at you to keep stroking that dickie of yours. You stop drinking long enough to ask me if you can hump against kinky mommy while you suckle my juices. I put my stockings covered leg up in between your leg and tell you that you may hump your cock against me as long as you suck my cunt lips dry. You pull them both in and I feel your tongue fondling my clit harder and faster. I can tell that you are getting close just by the way you are eating that cunt and hump those stockings. “Go ahead young one, squirt all over my stockings while you make me cum.” I feel my clit explode all over your face just as you splooge your dirty little spermies all over my stockings. No leaving a mess young man, lick that cum up as well. So you stick out your tongue and you start to lick all over my stockings, slurping your mess up. I am sure that you can sympathize with this blog. You can’t wait to be my son can you? Pick up your phone and call me, we can have a hot little mommy phone sex role play just like this tonight!

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Underage Phone Sex

By , June 16, 2016


In all of my deviant fantasies regarding underage phone sex, I have often referenced to my little girl. But I have to tell you about what just happened to me recently. It is a bit out of my comfort zone and to be quite honest it scared the hell out of me. I have been dating this guy, sweet as can be, but he had a teenage son that he brought in to the mix. I had never had the pleasure of raising a boy, let alone a teenager… as my little girl is still little. A few weeks ago he had to go out of town on business and asked if I could look after his son. He knows my job, but doesn’t mind me doing it while he son is asleep or away from the house.

While my boyfriend was away, it was left on me to pick him up from school every afternoon. I did as I was asked and sat in front of the high school waiting for him to get out of school. I have to tell you guys looking at all of these young studly boys got me really excited. But I can’t say I would ever do anything with them. So I pushed that thought out of my mind and just in time because his son was already opening the car door. We made small talk but he seemed so far away so I just kept to myself. When we got home, he went straight to his room. Since he was out of the way and my little girl was away with her dad, I decided to log in to make a little extra money. My favorite caller dialed me up and I went to my room for privacy. We have a very sensual type of phone relationship, with lots of mutual masturbation. I felt my hands crawl towards my panties. I pulled them to the side and found myself really rubbing away furiously. I had completely forgotten about the teen in the other room and just let go. Squealing into the phone a wave of orgasms. Just as I finished my call, his son burst through the door. He told me he had heard everything, how I was cheating on his dad. I tried to explain but he smacked me across the face and started to unbuckle his pants. I knew that this was heading towards an underage phone sex fantasy very quickly. I climbed up on to the bed and tried to get away from him, but for a teen he was fairly strong. I still had my panties twisted and he took the liberty of jerking them off.

He could very easily see my wet cunt dripping from the previous orgasms. I tried to kick away at him but he was just too strong. He laid his entire weight onto my chest as he yanked his boxers down. He told me that he had heard me time and time again, with my perverted mouth having phone sex with all sorts of random men. With that, he slammed his teen cock right up into my cunt. Ripping through me I couldn’t help but be turned on. I refused to go along with it however and started to fight back. I told him that rape was illegal and he could be in serious trouble. But that didn’t seem to bother him. He held his arm across my neck and fucked away at my hole until he was cumming up inside of me. A teen boy squirted his load up in to my fertile cunt. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled out and got dressed. He told me if I said anything to his dad, he would tell everyone I knew that I was a nasty phone whore. I lay there dripping in both of our cum while he went back to his room to do his homework. At the end of this fantasy, I can tell you my cunt is soaking wet and I am sure your cock is raging hard for me. So pick up the phone, dial me up and lets have a little kinky underage phone sex tonight.

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