Perverted Phone Sex

By , February 11, 2016


I know you when you call me for perverted phone sex, you are really just wanting to confess. Confess to me what a little child molester that you are. How you fantasize about taking the innocence of little girls. The younger the better for you, the way they look and taste. It is all just so overwhelming for you and your pedophile cock. I want you to feel like you can be yourself with me. When you call me, you can be the pedophile you want to be. No hiding who you really are, because I am a pedo, too. I want you to know that the same feelings you are experiencing, is the same feelings I have always found myself having.

It is why it’s so important for you to choose me for your perverted phone sex fantasy calls. Some ladies say that they are pedophiles, and are qualified to get you off but they have only read about it. Or watched movies on it… I am a real life pedophile whose pussy aches for the feeling of underage child pussy and kiddie cock. My cunt is aching to share my daughter with you so we can be pedophiles together. Pull out your pedo cock and let me spread her wide open for you. Look at that virgin pussy never been fucked. To know that you will be the first to stretch out the child pussy.

I want to slide her down on your cock. Grab her shoulders and just slide her down, one thrust. One thrust and you are deep inside of a little child pussy. How good is it to feel your cock head pressing against her little cervix. Watching her tummy bulge as you pound balls deep inside of her. What do you think it is going to feel like when you are spilling your seed into her unprotected womb. Cumming so deep inside of her, then lifting her up to your face and licking it all out of her. When you call me for perverted phone sex, be prepared to get as twisted and nasty as I want you to get!

Karlie – 1-888-246-6049

Molest my Preteen Daughter Fantasy

By , February 4, 2016


Welcome dirty daddies, to Deviant Fantasies, where all of your extreme phone sex fantasy desires can come true. I have been a extreme pedo for as long as I can remember and have a really nasty, perverted, sick mind.  Or so I’m told!  Ha ha!  I love sharing all of my perverted incest fantasies with the nasty men that call me for pedo play. They sit back and jerk their cocks while I tell them all about the filthy things I used to do to my daughter. All the times I molested and violated her during bath and bed time. I have even gone as far as allowing my boyfriend the use of my preteen daughter and all of her working holes.

He really enjoyed all the times I would allow him to babysit her while I went out with some girlfriends. When I would come home, I would find him snuggled up in bed nude with her. Oh what a sight it was to see her little naked body pressed against his, with his softened cock pressing against her ass. As soon as I lifted the covers I could smell the scent of cum mixed with her little child juices. I felt so proud.  Oh it was a magical scent I inhaled from their love fest. I can only imagine what it must have felt like to slide deep into her passionately and just let go. Just let that cum fill her tight cunt, pull out and watch it dribble out of her.

Sometimes even if she was already asleep, I would lift the covers and spread her legs. I would stick my tongue out and scoop the cream out from in between her pretty pink pussy lips. As messy as they are, I would force myself deep. I could feel how stretched out she is. Sometimes I allow myself a little pleasure, while my tongue is probing both of her holes, I would slide my finger inside of myself. I would finger fuck my pussy while I licked out my daughters sweet little cream filled holes.

I hope you call and allow me to divulge all of my dirty taboo secrets and fantasies during a super extreme and very perverted phone sex call soon!

Karlie – 1-888-246-6049

Forced Underage Sex with My Daughter

By , January 12, 2016


Hi guys, I’m Karlie and I’m very excited to be taking over this extreme phone sex site! I really enjoy all types of deviant fantasies and can’t wait to play with you!

I have to confess how much I love being a pedophile in my taboo phone sex calls. Usually dirty perverts are always ready for my underage little fuck slut. But occasionally there are those unwilling participants that have to be forced and blackmailed into doing everything I request. Like a new customer last night. He wanted to “explore” what it was like to “imagine” the possibility of playing with an underage little girl. As soon as he called, I knew he would be a pussy and wouldn’t be able to handle the things that my underage daughter wanted done to her. I forced him to strip down, sit down and shut up.  It was time to expose and release his inner pedophile! I tied him up, leaving his cock completely exposed and I invited my little one in to see.

She was dressed like the ultimate little street walker with her skirt so short you could see her bald little pussy lips from underneath. She had this bright red lipstick and matching nail polish on. Just a little bit of dress up I told her. I could see him attempting to look away, but his cock just grew and raged. He needed to be touched, I could tell. She walked over and looked up at him with her bright green eyes. Without saying a word, or breaking eye contact she wrapped her tiny hand around his shaft. He flinched and squealed, not wanting to be touched by her. But I really know he loved every second of it. She brought her bright red lips down to his cock and started to kiss all over him. His eyes rolled back into his head while she parted her lips and stuck her tongue out. I could see the precum just oozing out of his cock and smearing across her lips.

“Don’t forget to share baby girl.” She looked up at him, and pushed her pre cum covered lips against his, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Who knew a kiddie cunt like her could be so damn sexy. She went back down to jacking his cock while sucked just the head. Working it like a champ, I heard him groan. He was about to blow, but didn’t want to. He kept trying to hold back, moving and wiggling. “Blow your load all over my daughter, or I will tell your wife and co-workers your a child molester” and with that statement I watched him cover my little girls face and hands with his load. By the end of the call, he was thanking me for the ultimate taboo phone sex call, but really… It was all my daughter!  LOL

Have you ever thought of being blackmailed into having and underage girl playing with your cock?  If so, call me and I’ll paint the picture for you as you jerk off to my storytelling!

Karlie – 1-888-246-6049

Deviant Fantasies Alive Again!

By , January 11, 2016


Hello to all you deviant fantasy lovers who have been watching for Delilah’s return.  Unfortunately, Delilah officially retired from the phone sex business a while ago and will not be returning.  However, I did not close the website down as you can see.  I left it up and around because I just knew I’d find another deviant fantasy playmate to fill the extreme fantasies you crave.  With patience and perseverance it’s finally happened!

Karlie will be taking over this site in the coming weeks…  please watch for her perverted phone sex blogs and feel free to pick up with her where you left off with Delilah.  You won’t be disappointed and your cock will thank you!  Karlie can be reached by dialing 1-888-246-6049


Owner – S.T. Connections, Inc.

Twisted and Extremely Perverted Pedo Fantasy Playmate

By , December 23, 2013

There’s just something about an extremely twisted taboo phone sex call that is just so indescribably intoxicating that even when the call is over, even after you’ve blown a huge fucking load, that taboo fantasy just won’t go away.  When the call takes your fantasy to a deeper and darker level than you’ve ever experienced before, you want to do it over and over again, to delve deeper into the dark side of sex.  Taboo phone sex leaves any desire you may have had for the softer vanilla side of sex seem dull and ordinary.

There are so many ways you can explore you perverted fantasies with me that it boggles the mind.  We can get really taboo and role play an extreme underage pedo scenario, I love being your deviant accomplice, finding a child to suit your exact preferences and designing a fantasy that flips all your switches and makes your cock twitch and dance before you even touch it.  We can make this an even more taboo phone sex call by adding a little incest, I make a very dirty, slutty mommy to a little girl who needs to be taught a lesson. Age play fantasies with little girls, and boys who are such cock teases turn me on, but if there’s one thing I hate, it’s a cock tease who doesn’t put out.  Little girls who think they can tease you and get away with it just need to be taught a lesson, and I’m just the dirty girl to help you do just that.

Maybe you’d like to be mommy’s little boy, from a toddler to a teen and anywhere in between works for me.  I’d love to make you my favorite fuck toy, teach you how to please mommy and let mommy show you just how good it feels when mommy touches you in all your most private and forbidden places.  This mommy can be quite sadistic as well as loving, and it may just be you’d like your mommy to whore you out to the worst pedophiles anywhere, the ones with the biggest cocks and the nastiest ways of playing.  They love to indulge in kiddie rape, making kiddie porn, torturing and beating you before they use their huge black dicks to rape all your little holes.  Nothing turns me on more!  The nastier and more perverted you like your taboo phone sex, the nastier I get.

Call me and let’s play really dirty today.

DeLilah – 1-877-788-8674