Mommy Phone Sex

By , June 23, 2016


Guess what this deviant slut has up her sleeve for a mommy phone sex fantasy to role play out. You are home all alone while your slutty whore mommy is out partying and getting some nigger dick. That’s not a bad start is it? I bet your little cock is already standing at attention. Your curled up in mommy’s bed, smelling some of her extreme dirty panties when you hear me coming up the stairs. You try to hide but its too late. I open the door, looking mighty disheveled. I see you with your hands under the blanket and my dirty clothes basket has been rummaged through. I know exactly what you are up to.

I stumble over to the bed and pull away the covers only to find your pajama bottoms around your ankles and you are jerking on your little clit dick. You think this is all fun and games, stealing my dirty, cum filled panties. Sniffing them and licking them just to get a taste of what your mommy’s cunt tastes like. “You want to know what my cunt tastes like so bad, then get over here on the floor” I yell out as I grab you by your hand and yank you out of bed. I put you on your knees right in front of my musty, cream pied cunt. I pull up my skirt and yank down my thong. You see my pussy hair wet and matted with cum. “Stick out your tongue and get a taste loser.” As an obedient little slut you do exactly as you are told. You stick out your tongue and you start to lick and lavish my cunt juice up. But while your trying to stick your tongue up inside of mommy, you feel me bare down. All of a sudden a glob of fresh jizz hits you in the mouth. But you do as you are told because you know that this mommy phone sex incest role play can very easily turn into a domination call if you are not careful. Since you are being a good clean up bitch, I tell you to put your hand on your little clit dick and jerk it.

Doesn’t that feel good my little faggot? That mommy is allowing you to jerk it while you are cleaning me up. Oh damn, I have had so much to drink tonight I feel the urge to piss but can’t get your mouth off of me in time. So you feel the warm sensation of urine flood your face and mouth. It is almost like you are drowning in my juices. I yell out at you to keep stroking that dickie of yours. You stop drinking long enough to ask me if you can hump against kinky mommy while you suckle my juices. I put my stockings covered leg up in between your leg and tell you that you may hump your cock against me as long as you suck my cunt lips dry. You pull them both in and I feel your tongue fondling my clit harder and faster. I can tell that you are getting close just by the way you are eating that cunt and hump those stockings. “Go ahead young one, squirt all over my stockings while you make me cum.” I feel my clit explode all over your face just as you splooge your dirty little spermies all over my stockings. No leaving a mess young man, lick that cum up as well. So you stick out your tongue and you start to lick all over my stockings, slurping your mess up. I am sure that you can sympathize with this blog. You can’t wait to be my son can you? Pick up your phone and call me, we can have a hot little mommy phone sex role play just like this tonight!

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Underage Phone Sex

By , June 16, 2016


In all of my deviant fantasies regarding underage phone sex, I have often referenced to my little girl. But I have to tell you about what just happened to me recently. It is a bit out of my comfort zone and to be quite honest it scared the hell out of me. I have been dating this guy, sweet as can be, but he had a teenage son that he brought in to the mix. I had never had the pleasure of raising a boy, let alone a teenager… as my little girl is still little. A few weeks ago he had to go out of town on business and asked if I could look after his son. He knows my job, but doesn’t mind me doing it while he son is asleep or away from the house.

While my boyfriend was away, it was left on me to pick him up from school every afternoon. I did as I was asked and sat in front of the high school waiting for him to get out of school. I have to tell you guys looking at all of these young studly boys got me really excited. But I can’t say I would ever do anything with them. So I pushed that thought out of my mind and just in time because his son was already opening the car door. We made small talk but he seemed so far away so I just kept to myself. When we got home, he went straight to his room. Since he was out of the way and my little girl was away with her dad, I decided to log in to make a little extra money. My favorite caller dialed me up and I went to my room for privacy. We have a very sensual type of phone relationship, with lots of mutual masturbation. I felt my hands crawl towards my panties. I pulled them to the side and found myself really rubbing away furiously. I had completely forgotten about the teen in the other room and just let go. Squealing into the phone a wave of orgasms. Just as I finished my call, his son burst through the door. He told me he had heard everything, how I was cheating on his dad. I tried to explain but he smacked me across the face and started to unbuckle his pants. I knew that this was heading towards an underage phone sex fantasy very quickly. I climbed up on to the bed and tried to get away from him, but for a teen he was fairly strong. I still had my panties twisted and he took the liberty of jerking them off.

He could very easily see my wet cunt dripping from the previous orgasms. I tried to kick away at him but he was just too strong. He laid his entire weight onto my chest as he yanked his boxers down. He told me that he had heard me time and time again, with my perverted mouth having phone sex with all sorts of random men. With that, he slammed his teen cock right up into my cunt. Ripping through me I couldn’t help but be turned on. I refused to go along with it however and started to fight back. I told him that rape was illegal and he could be in serious trouble. But that didn’t seem to bother him. He held his arm across my neck and fucked away at my hole until he was cumming up inside of me. A teen boy squirted his load up in to my fertile cunt. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled out and got dressed. He told me if I said anything to his dad, he would tell everyone I knew that I was a nasty phone whore. I lay there dripping in both of our cum while he went back to his room to do his homework. At the end of this fantasy, I can tell you my cunt is soaking wet and I am sure your cock is raging hard for me. So pick up the phone, dial me up and lets have a little kinky underage phone sex tonight.

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Taboo Phone Sex

By , June 9, 2016


I am sure you can imagine that as a young mommy, my taboo phone sex journey started very early. I am talking still in high school young. I always had a wet spot for those big, buff football players. But little band geek nerd Karlie was never given a second look. That all changed when I changed the way I dressed. Showing more cleavage than the other girls and hiking up my skirt shorter than the other girls. I would find a hottie, sneak into the stairwell and make out with him, allowing his hands to fondle all over me.

It wasn’t too long before I had actually made my rounds, and caught the eye of the very handsome quarterback. He was tall, dark hair and light eyes. He was so buff, with arms that could man handle you. Which is I guess why I was so drawn to him. I stayed after school to practice for the half time show when I had ran into him. It didn’t take him long to have his hands all over me too. The only thing he wanted to make sure of is that no one would find out. I shook my head that no one would find out about our taboo phone sex tryst. Very quickly he had me against the wall, hands up with my ass sticking out. I couldn’t believe I was losing my virginity to some studly highschooler. He pounded me good, but it didn’t last. He dumped his load into me and was off on his way. A few weeks went by and he didn’t bother to talk to me afterwards. I could tell he just hit it and quit it. Around that same time I started to get really sick, thinking it was just a stomach virus. Naive Karlie, I went to my doctor to find out that I was really pregnant. I didn’t tell anyone at school, but very soon everybody knew.

I wasn’t even legal yet, I was growing this baby inside of me. I was very pregnant, my breasts were starting to grow incredibly large and my belly was sticking so far out. Funny enough that same guy came to me when I was about to bust, so far along. He asked was it his and I lied to him. I didn’t want him to feel guilty. Seeing as it wasn’t his, or so he thought, he told me that he had never fucked a pregnant chick and since I couldn’t get knocked up… It would be perfect. He sneaked me into the locker room after everyone had left for the day. He laid me down and he got onto of me very carefully. He started to suck on my breasts so hard that I saw them start leaking into his mouth. He took his cock and pushed it inside me, trying not to hurt me. But I was so horny that I screamed for him to give it to me. He pumped into me and I was squirting and orgasming all over the place. He said he couldn’t hold it, pulled out and just came all over my great big belly and tits. It was so hot to watch someone jizz all over my pregnant belly. Not too long after that session I was in labor. I brought a beautiful little girl into this world, to which I turned into as big a nympho slut as I am. I guess that is what makes taboo phone sex so good with me, its almost always a real life experience that makes you want more! Call me tonight, I am playing all night long!  Let’s do some perverted kinky role play now!

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Incest Phone Sex

By , June 2, 2016


Hey there all you perverts, are you ready for the incest phone sex fantasy of a life time? I am feeling real perverted, we are talking REAL perverted! I want to have a hot fantasy where you are my brother and I catch you wearing my panties. I want to catch you jerking your tiny cock off in my panties. How you stretched those pink frilly panties around your fat loser ass. I am furious and tell you to crawl to my bedroom and wait for me there. You try to protest but I quickly tell you that I will tell all of our family members what a freak you really are!

So you go to my room, and sit in my panties waiting for me. I am going to walk in completely naked with only a strap on strapped to me. I walk over to you and force you to your knees. I run my big black dildo across your lips. “Open up fag…” I just jam my strap on right down your throat. I use my foot and I start playing with your itty bitty cock through your panties. How does my brother like his incest phone sex fantasy so far? But man, I realize that I have to pee. So I hold your head still and pull out my toy. I hover my cunt right over you and without saying a word I just let all that piss out. Peeing all over your head, watching that warm smelly liquid run down your chest and all over your panties. Good slut, take my piss! I sit right down on your face and make you lick me clean. Oh you may have a small cock, but your tongue is wonderful. Its the only way you can please a woman I am sure! Lick that cunt of mine and get me off! If you get me off, I promise I will make sure you get off while I am ass fucking your tight little man pussy. I pull myself off of you and pull you up to your feet. Go ahead and lay on your back, but keep those panties on. I want to feel like I am fucking a bitch when I do you in the ass. You do exactly as I say, afraid I am going to tell our family about your perverted ways. You lay back and I just move those panties to the side. I aim that cock head right against your man pussy and start to push.

Its okay brother, just lay there thinking happy thoughts. If you think it will help, rub that clit of yours. That super hard and very little clit. I see you furiously pumping at it with your thumb and forefinger. It really makes me laugh, so I pound you harder. I want you to hurt by the end of our call. I start smacking at your balls while you pump your itty bitty clitty. I can see you getting really close to the edge, so I force my toy as deep in your shit hole as I can and force your hips up. You are aimed perfectly for your mouth. I take out my phone and snap a picture. So you have a choice… Aim that cum straight towards your mouth and drink it up, or you can pussy out of it and i send this picture to everyone I know! The choice is yours brother! What will it be? Do you want to drink up every drop of cum, or do you want everyone to find out what a little dick faggot loser you really are? Pick up the phone and tell me which choice you are making during our incest phone sex call!  Let’s get deviant, kinky and extreme now!

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Extreme Accomplice for the Sick and Twisted

By , May 26, 2016


All you sick and twisted fucks know that the thought of forcing a child cunt to have perverted phone sex is one of your greatest fantasies. You can imagine what it would be like to kidnap one and force her to take part in all of your extreme nasty desires. Maybe a little ass licking or a little piss drinking. It doesn’t really matter what it is, you can rest assured this deviant mommy will make sure that all of your accomplice fantasies come to life. All it takes is one phone call to change your life. You will be addicted to whatever fantasy I design for us to take part in!

Lets see, where should my dirty mind take us. Oh yes… I am feeling like an extra nasty accomplice today! How about forcing a little one to take part in animal games. Don’t you have a dog that has been humping everything in sight? Lets dump some Tylenol PM into her system, with a little bit of NyQuil and have our way with her. What age range would make your pedophile cock throb? Hmm? Preteen of course, but maybe single digits? I think that little slut that lives next door to you is perfect. Let’s take that little preschool princess off her mommy’s hands and babysit her for the night. I mean every single mother needs a night off. She wont be able to say no will she? Bring her in and feed her well. After she is done eating, let’s give her those PM tablets. If she doesn’t take them willingly, force them down her pretty little throat. Yes, now all we have to do is wait. While we are waiting bring your big Doberman in to see her. While we are waiting for her to pass out, I think I will get this perverted phone sex fantasy started. I reach out and grab his big dog cock and start to stroke it. There goes his red rocket sticking out. I am going to lean down and give it a little lick. I think that he likes it, I can feel his paws try and grab the back of my head. I feel him humping into my mouth. Oh he is so ready for her cunt, and just in time too because she is passed the hell out. I reach over, grab her and hold her up. You pull out the yoga ball from your home gym. I throw her over the ball and yank her panties down around her ankles. Go ahead, get naked and jerk your cock, I will do the rest. I grab a little peanut butter and rub it all over her little pussy and ass. Her comes your big dog ready for his treat.

He leans down and starts to lick off all of the peanut butter. You can see his red rocket humping out of his skin. He is beyond ready to force this little fuck slut into having deviant hot dog sex. He uses his paws and grips her little hips. I hold the ball steady and you just watch as his red rocket plunges into her little child pussy. Watch her little cunt drip blood, no longer a virgin. Jerk your cock as you watch him hump into her. You can tell the way he is whimpering, he is about to blow. Watch that dog cum in her little kiddie cunt. He lets out one final howl and tries to pull out. But you see him knotted up inside of her. His puppy cum dripping out of her pussy. Really makes you hard doesn’t it? You are so close to blowing, just a little more and you will be in total ecstasy. Rip his dog cock out of her cunt and slam that big, fat pedo dick right inside of her. That’s it, fuck her child cunt full of dog sperm. Feel how wet and tight it is. Rape her little kiddie cunt, this is your most favorite fantasy! You being able to pump a load into a little girl. Go ahead big daddy, pump your load into that preschool pussy. Yes, I see you cumming deep. Oh yea, watch that cock slip out and all of that cum ooze out of her little preschool pussy. So what are you waiting for? Give me a call and I will be glad to make your most extremely perverted accomplice phone sex fantasy come to life!

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