Mommy Phone Sex

By , May 19, 2016


What a slut am I for a kinky mommy phone sex fantasy! You dirty pedophiles love to call up my line when you read a blog about my little girl. So what do you say you sit back, pull that cock out and get ready to stroke it to yet another incredibly hot role play! I am thinking that just maybe you and I are dating. I am going to have a mommy’s night out and it is time for you to take up the role play of babysitter for me. You haven’t been alone with my underage little girl yet. I leave you a very detailed write up of what I need for you to do with her before bed. One of those things just so happens to be a bath!

So you get her naked and in the bath. You are sitting on the toilet with a cup rinsing her hair. With her eyes closed, you get to take a good look at her little body. Your eyes trail off from her long, reddish brown hair to her chest. Where she has the sexiest flat chest and puffy nipples. You can’t believe what a hot fantasy this is. Allow your hand to reach over to her and feel her up as you wash her down. Just knowing that underneath the soapy water is a bald, pink pussy waiting to be touched makes you rock hard. You reach under the water and feel those tight, virgin lips holding in that puckered hole. Your pants are becoming increasingly tight to wear as your cock hardens more than you have ever felt before. So you rush her out of the tub and slide her into bed. On your way out of her room, you reach in to her dirty close hamper and pull out the panties she just pulled off to bathe. You find yourself sitting on the couch, with a raging erection and her panties in your hands. With me still out, you think to yourself how could this be wrong? You wrap your hand around your cock and start to lick at the crotch of her panties. It tastes so good, the cream of an underage pussy. You know what a pedo you are, masturbating to her panties. Just then I walk in and you just stop and stare at me. “You want to have some real fun, come and join me for mommy phone sex” I whisper. You follow me to her room, your cock still in your hand.

You stand there stroking while you watch me pull down her covers slowly. I pull up her nightgown and slide down her panties really slow. I lean down and you can’t believe I am sliding my perverted tongue up in between her sweet little pussy lips. You watch me lick at her while you jerk off. I wiggle my finger for you to come taste and you do just that. While you lean down and start to lick her little kiddie cunt, I jerk your cock off. You can’t help but to shove your tongue deeper, the faster I jerk. I feel you start to convulse so I just keep jerking it. I put her panties down by your cock and you squirt your hot load all in my daughter’s panties. You get pull your pants up, and I pull her panties back up. I hand you her dirty panties and tell you any time you want to jerk off to them, you can. What a deviant MILF I can be during our mommy phone sex calls, don’t you agree?

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Underage Phone Sex

By , May 12, 2016


It is no secret to by callers that I am a hardcore mom for underage phone sex. But it isn’t just for my little preteen daughter, but for the little ones I babysit for when I am needed. I have always had this kinky fantasy that while I am babysitting several of them, I force them all to play with themselves. I really want them to be no cooperative so I can show them what a deviant mommy I really can be. Make them all strip down to their little panties. As a pedophile, I am not picky… I want both little boys and girls.

Maybe a little kiddie gang bang is what I am in the mood for. Of course, you are always welcome to come and watch. Just sit on the couch stroking your cock, while I guide the little girls down to their knees in front of the little boys. I am going to open my mouth and take one of the little preteen boys’ penis in my mouth. I force the little girls to do the exact same. Watch their mouths open wide and take those little penises deep. The little boys aren’t big, but those girls are that big either. So it is real easy for them to gag. Watch their little eyes water and spit run down to their flat little chests. I instruct the little boys to reach down and tug on their friends nipples while they get their penises sucked and their balls rubbed. I think the boys are really starting to enjoy this underage phone sex fantasy, but the girls on the other hand are hating it. They are whining and whimpering with their mouths full of cock. I tell them all to stop, and I take my little girl by her hand. I lay her down on the floor and instruct the little girls to do the same. I spread her super long legs and put my head right in between her legs. The little boys do the same to their partners. I stick out my tongue and just flick across her little kiddie cunt. Finding her clit with my tongue and plunging deep. The little boys, almost like little robots, do the exact same thing. However they are not nearly as good as I am. While you watch those little boys licking out those little girl cunts, I am going to bring my daughter to the couch. I whisper in her ear and then you just watch as she wraps her hand around your shaft. She smiles to you as she starts to slide her mouth down on your shaft. That’s right… Get your dick sucked by my preteen daughter while you watch this real life porn involving so many little ones.

I can tell that you are not going to last much longer, so I stand all the little girls up right in front of you and line the boys beside the girls. I want you to take your cock and penetrate each and every one of their holes. Dip your cock into one little girls pussy first. Pump that pedo cock right into her, listening to her cry out in pain. I walk up behind you and whisper into your ear “fuck them good, take pleasure in their pain…”. Pull out of that little girl, take a step to the right and slide it right into the next hole, a little boys virgin asshole. Doesn’t matter if its a boy or a girl, I want you to pump into each and every one of them. I am going to strap my dildo around my little girl, lay back and feel her penetrate me while you fuck all those holes. It isn’t long before you are close to blowing… Don’t give in. Pump away at each and every hole. You aren’t allowed to cum until you have broken each hole in. Just as you finish fucking the last little boy, you feel your balls tingling. You know its time, don’t waste a drop of that cum. Have all those little sluts open their mouths and blow. Cover those little kiddies with your cum. Shooting into both the little girls and little boys faces. See what a deviant mommy I can be. Having you facial all of these little girls and boys. I am sure that this blog has got your cock raging hard, I think it is high time you grab the phone, dial my line and get ready for the hottest underage phone sex call you have ever had!

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Taboo Phone Sex

By , May 5, 2016


Often times my customers call with real taboo phone sex stories that happen to them in real life! I, for one, can’t help but sit and listen to them drag on about all of the wild things that happen to them on a regular basis. Sometimes, with their permission of course, I write about them for all of my dirty boys! You guys really seem to get off on other peoples demise! It just so happens that this blog you are about to read is based on one customers unfortunate tale of black mail and betrayal! I hope this little blog gives you guys an idea of our next twisted phone sex call!

My client worked late so much that he barely ever saw his wife. It is why he started calling me in the first place! He would lock his office doors, pour himself a scotch and grab his phone to have the most taboo phone sex session one could imagine. He loved to talk about everything from pedophilia to raping farm animals and everything in between. That night he had actually been fantasizing about raping his boss’ daughter. He described in great detail how he would go about trapping her in her daddy’s office while he was out to lunch. Exactly how he would force her underage mouth to suck his cock, whether she liked it or not. He was really beating his meat hard while he yelped about her being a good little office whore. I could tell that he was so close to cumming when I heard him drop the phone. I wasn’t sure all that I was listening to. I heard a woman’s voice and then his voice came into focus as well. They were arguing when I heard a thud and a drag. A little while later he picked up the phone and admitted to me that his worst nightmares were about to come true. His coworker overheard everything he had planned on doing to his boss’ daughter. She threatened to call his boss and rat him out when he grabbed an heavy office stapler and smashed her over the head knocking her out. He told me he had tied her up and didn’t know how to get away with it. I told him that we had to play this smart! We were going to blackmail HER! He had to do exactly as I said if he wanted to get out of trouble. He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her saggy tits out. He pulled his still hardened cock out, grabbed a handful of hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. He took his phone and proceeded to take several selfies showing their sexual tryst in his boss’ office. I knew that with that picture, she would never tell anyone! But that wasn’t enough for my dirty client.

He grabbed her body, still pretty lifeless, and bent her over his boss’ desk. He pulled up a picture of his favorite underage fixation and pulled his coworkers panties to the side. I heard on the other line as he grunted, stuffing his cock into his coworker. Staring at that preteen body, pretending it was her he was raping. He dug his fingertips into her skin and really pounded away. I couldn’t believe how hot I was getting by being his dirty accomplice to rape! I was fingering myself and he was raping her cunt. We both started to orgasm right there! My cum shooting on my bed, his cum shooting in his coworkers motionless cunt. He pulled out, snapped a few more pictures and left the office. He stopped by his coworkers off and left a note about how hot it was fucking in the office and they should do it again! That just drove the point home that if she ever told, he would make sure his blackmail would find its way to the boss! You guys know that this story got your cock raging hard! So go ahead, grab your cock and give me a call! We will both get off to that deviant little taboo phone sex fantasy!

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Incest Phone Sex

By , April 28, 2016


I have some fairly twisted customers, but one customer in particular has a fetish for incest phone sex. His fantasy always has him as the incestuous uncle who kidnaps his little underage niece to use for all of his sexual desires before he kills her. In a very sexual way might I add. As everyone knows, this deviant mommy is anything goes and no limits. So I was ready to comply with his sick fantasy! He wanted me to play out the role of his sister in this fantasy and my daughter would be his victim! I could already feel my pussy starting to drip. I couldn’t wait to see where this role play led to.

I had invited my brother to my birthday cook out. It was just family really, so I felt the need to be myself. I was having a great time, and getting pretty drunk. I told my daughter it was time for her to go take a shower and get to bed. I didn’t pay attention to my brother, while I was having drink after drink with my friends. I guess he slipped away while no one was looking. He sneaked his way into my home and went upstairs quietly. He found the bathroom where she was showering and invited himself in, locking the door behind him. She didn’t hear a thing as she had her head under the water. He went in and grabbed a towel. He pushed back the curtain and he threw the towel over her face. This was the time he was going to get away with incest phone sex. She couldn’t see but she could feel his hands grabbing at her. He wrapped her up in her bedroom blanket and kidnapped her down to my basement. No one knew exactly what was going on in my house. He threw her to the pool table and grabbed the rope that he had in his bag. He tied her to the pool table, strapping her feet and wrists down. She couldn’t move, a naked preteen slut laying in front of him. While he had her in the basement, I realized after all that alcohol I needed to use the restroom. I ran to the bathroom that was right by the basement door. I used the bathroom and started to make my way back outside when I noticed the basement door was wide open. I crawled down the stairs quietly and there I witnessed my brother with his head in between my daughters legs, licking away while her body was roped down. Very drunk, I demanded to know what was the meaning of this. He grabbed me by the throat and told me to do as he says and my daughter will make it out alive. I sat and watched in horror as he slammed his fingers up into her tight, virgin cunt. She whimpered and cried out to me while I watched my brother rape my daughter with his fingers and other various tools.

I watched him drop his pants and get up onto the pool table, crawling up between her legs. I watched my little girl lay there, tied down, my brother holding his hand against her throat. He slammed his pedo cock right up into her without hesitation. He slammed into her and all I could do is sit there. Watching my daughters eyes fill with tears as my brother raped her. I watched him squeeze her throat even harder. Her face turned blue as he slammed in and out of her. He pulled out and shoved his cock right up her little shit hole. It was as if he were trying to hurt her. He rammed himself up into her ass and just as I saw the life leave her body, he began to cum. Not a little but a lot. He pulled out of her ass and stream his load all over her lifeless underage body. Seeing her cold and blue with cum dripping off of her really turned me on more than anything. I am sure this blog turned you on as well. You should grab your phone and give me a ring. Maybe we can pull off a similar role play! If incest phone sex turns you on, don’t hold back! Give me a call tonight!

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Mommy Phone Sex

By , April 14, 2016


When it comes to mommy phone sex, the more extreme the fantasy call is the better. How hot would it be to have a break in rape fantasy played out with my and my little one? You could be the masked intruder that breaks into my home while my daughter and I are watching TV in bed. How does this sound for our next taboo call? Why don’t you sit back and allow me to plant this seed into your mind. When it comes to extreme fantasies, we can go wherever you want!

The idea of you breaking in and forcing my little girl certainly makes my cunt drip. Her and I are in bed after a bath. Rubbing her down with lotion while The Bachelor plays in the background. It is great having this mommy daughter time. We are both in just panties and tshirts, giggling, laughing and carrying on. We don’t hear anything, but you manage to break into the downstairs back door. You are sneaking up the stairs, listening to us play. You have your mask on and a knife in your hand. Trying to be as quiet as you can, you open the door. You see her preteen body in those tight white panties and your cock starts to throb. You came here just to rob me, but now you have other plans. So you burst into the room. “Don’t you fucking move, Get your hands up…” You start to shout. My little girl is really scared, in tears and I am just standing there in shock. You yank her by the hair and take your knife to her throat. ” Make a move and I will slit her throat!” I sit there motionless while I watch you drag my little girl to her knees. While holding the knife to her throat, you start to unbuckle your pants. I beg you not to hurt her and you press the knife harder, drawing a little blood from her throat. I just watch silently as you pull your hardened cock out of your pants. With the knife still pressed to her throat, you lower your cock into her pretty little pink mouth and tell her to suck it. She has no idea what to do, so you grab her hair and shove it right into her mouth. I just watch in horror as you start to molest my little girl’s mouth. I can’t believe that this is the kind of mommy phone sex my cunt is dripping for. I am horrified watching you thrust your cock into her mouth, but a part of me is somewhat turned on too. I can’t believe I am thinking this, but I would love to see you rape my little girl. As if you can read my mind, you pull her up to her feet and bend her over on to my bed. The knife slips into the band of her panties and with one cut, they are laying on the floor.

It is time for this little child slut to get your dick isn’t it? I see my little girls eyes are big and teary. I know this is going to hurt her, but all I can think is do it. Rape my little girl! As I am thinking this, you line your cock head up with her little cunt lips. You start to push into her little virgin cunt. There is a lot of resistance, so with one forceful slam, you are balls deep in her cunt. Ripping her open with your pedo dick. You grab the knife and hold it to her throat. You just start to pound into her. You are looking up at me at the same time. “You like watching me rape this kiddie cunt, don’t you whore?” How could I answer that. I knew the answer is yes. I watched you pound harder and yell you are about to cum. Before I could “protest” you spilled your load into her baby girl pussy. Without saying a word, you pulled your pants up and walked right on out. My preteen princess is laying on the end of the bed filled with this intruders cum. I know I should call someone, but the only thing I want to do is lick it all up and feed it to her. What a twisted and deviant mommy I really am! If this taboo fantasy turns you on, then pick up the phone and give me a call. We can enjoy this mommy phone sex fantasy together!

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