Twisted and Extremely Perverted Pedo Fantasy Playmate

By , December 23, 2013

There’s just something about an extremely twisted taboo phone sex call that is just so indescribably intoxicating that even when the call is over, even after you’ve blown a huge fucking load, that taboo fantasy just won’t go away.  When the call takes your fantasy to a deeper and darker level than you’ve ever experienced before, you want to do it over and over again, to delve deeper into the dark side of sex.  Taboo phone sex leaves any desire you may have had for the softer vanilla side of sex seem dull and ordinary.

There are so many ways you can explore you perverted fantasies with me that it boggles the mind.  We can get really taboo and role play an extreme underage pedo scenario, I love being your deviant accomplice, finding a child to suit your exact preferences and designing a fantasy that flips all your switches and makes your cock twitch and dance before you even touch it.  We can make this an even more taboo phone sex call by adding a little incest, I make a very dirty, slutty mommy to a little girl who needs to be taught a lesson. Age play fantasies with little girls, and boys who are such cock teases turn me on, but if there’s one thing I hate, it’s a cock tease who doesn’t put out.  Little girls who think they can tease you and get away with it just need to be taught a lesson, and I’m just the dirty girl to help you do just that.

Maybe you’d like to be mommy’s little boy, from a toddler to a teen and anywhere in between works for me.  I’d love to make you my favorite fuck toy, teach you how to please mommy and let mommy show you just how good it feels when mommy touches you in all your most private and forbidden places.  This mommy can be quite sadistic as well as loving, and it may just be you’d like your mommy to whore you out to the worst pedophiles anywhere, the ones with the biggest cocks and the nastiest ways of playing.  They love to indulge in kiddie rape, making kiddie porn, torturing and beating you before they use their huge black dicks to rape all your little holes.  Nothing turns me on more!  The nastier and more perverted you like your taboo phone sex, the nastier I get.

Call me and let’s play really dirty today.

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Perverted Family Fun Fantasy

By , November 27, 2013

It’s the holiday season and twisted family gatherings with all your relatives present, from grandparents to newborn babies make for an extreme phone sex extravaganza!  I don’t know about you, but I come from an extemely large family, with 16 aunts and uncles on my mother’s side and 10 on my father’s side, you can’t even begin to count the cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles, and the once and twice and three times removed family members too.  In my family everyone gathers on Thanksgiving at my favorite aunt’s house and the guest count is always 50 or more.  This gathering always makes for some extreme phone sex fantasies for me and my callers.

I’ve watched my cousin get naughty with his granddaughter, just a kindergartener straddling grampa’s leg and playing “ridem cowgirl” as she humped his thigh and he stroked and patted her ass.  And it wasn’t as if it was hidden, anyone could have seen them playing, but when she got up, he had to grab a pillow to cover his erection.  HA, that made me laugh and he couldn’t look me in the eye.  I know that he’s a sick perverted pedo player and incest with his underage granddaughter is on his mind!  You can only imagine what kind of taboo age play scenarios ran through my twisted mind as I pictured that round little ass and bald pink baby girl cunt.

Just how would your extreme phone sex family fun fantasy go?  How about having a family orgy?  Mommy and daddy, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grannies and grandpas, pedo play with all ages from newborns to teens and everything in between.  Make it as loving and sensual as you like, or turn it into an extreme fuck fest raping and gaping the youngest ones’ assholes and pussies.  Turn your son and daughter into cock sucking and cum eating whores, or would you be the family faggot?  Anyway you like it, let’s have the most taboo encounter ever.

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Humiliation for Cuckold Faggots

By , November 18, 2013

Lately I’ve enjoyed some extremely twisted phone sex confessions from a cuckold hubby who dreams of being allowed to suck his wife’s lover’s big cock.  What could be a more twisted phone sex situation than a man, and I use the term loosely, who knowingly marries a woman who makes it clear before the marriage that she will never give up her hot and hung boyfriend.  She tells him that she likes the way he eats her lover’s cum out of her pussy and he thinks things will be great.  But while she lets him be her cum eating slut, she never allows him to fuck her.

Another really hot caller of mine told me the story of his cuckold phone sex father and how his dominant Mommy dominated and humiliated both him and his father in front of her lover.  She kept her cuckold hubby feminized and loved creating tease and denial set ups that were extremely cruel and torturous.  Now this caller craves humiliation phone sex with huge doses of cock control until his Mommy allows him to cum as he squeals like a little piglet.

Do you have a cuckold phone sex story you’d like to share with someone who understands the lifestyle and has experience with real time forced cocksucking and cum eating phone sex?  Let’s set up a hot role play or let me tell you a story about a sexy cock loving wife who shares her nigger lover’s big black cock with you.  Or you think of the twisted phone sex scenario that turns you on the most and give me a call.  Let’s get extremely perverted in a truly taboo phone sex fantasy.

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Extremely Twisted and Perverted Deviant Fantasy Play

By , November 12, 2013

Are you a guy with a secret phone sex fetish?  Something that really gets your engine revving and makes your dick harder than anything else?  A phone sex fetish w ith a hold so strong that you think about it all the time and even if you have a wife or lover and have “regular” sex with them, nothing really satisfies you the way an extremely kinky fetish call does.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of twisted or taboo fetish you have, I love them all because of the power they have over you.  When you are in the grip of intense sexual arousal and we are talking about your phone sex fetish I can hear the excitement and sometimes the desperation in your voice.  Hearing you so aroused turns me on in a big way.  Having an intimate connection is what makes our calls so special.  You can tell me your deepest and darkest secrets and never have to worry that I’ll judge you or tell your fetish is extreme for me, or too sick or disgusting.  I’m a deviant pervert and the nastier, sicker and more depraved your desires, the nastier I get.

Some of the fetish phone sex calls I’ve had lately have included lingerie, panties, stockings and garters , spikey high heels, medical fetishes, cum eating, crossdressing and toilet sex, including golden showers and scat.  Call me when you’re ready to take your fetish play to the next level.

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Sick Perverted Pedophile Fantasies

By , November 5, 2013

I was gone for a couple of years as some of you know, and while I was away I had a lot of time to think about my pedo phone sex callers and I often wondered if you missed me as much as I missed you.  There was one sick and disgusting pedophile whom I have referred to in the past as my vegas pedo pervert.  We spent lots of time on the phone exploring his sickest and most disgusting perverted desires. The more we talked about underage kidnapping, torture and snuff, the deeper his need became and soon I knew he was under my spell, often going into a hypnotic phone sex trance as we talked

I became his Goddess and he was my addicted pedo phone sex slave.  Even when we weren’t on the phone he would hear my words in his head and go into a trancelike state, with his only desire to please me with his depraved acts of molesting underage children, making their mothers watch as he tortured them, fucked them, eventually snuffed them and then after fucking their dead bodies he set them on fire.  Many times he resisted his urges to call me, but my hold on this perverted child molester is strong, and even while I’ve been away I know he has been reading my old blog entries and yearning to hear my voice.  Resist though he might, soon he’ll be calling again, just to hear my voice.  But I own him, body mind and spirit and resistance will in the end be futile as he gives his spirit up to me, his deviant Goddess.

Are you looking for a pedo phone sex Goddess to take you to even greater depths of depravity than you have ever imagined?  Do you have urges that only another sick and depraved child loving pedo pervert can understand?  Call me and find out why my vegas victimizer is addicted to the most extreme age play phone sex anywhere.

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